Why Design?

Because there is no one right answer.

When evaluating design consider the audience. Does the audience like the styling, the approach? Are the messages and the media relevant? Let's find good before we worry about great.

What is good design?

"Like + Relevance
It's clear that good is not universal. We have to create a definition that helps to capture an array of cross-cultural perspectives."

What would I know about design?

10+ years of designing and building interactive experiences.

Look and feel is just one aspect of creating a compelling experience. Often we focus too much on the look of things, not how things function. It's easy to notice a color out of place, but I would encourage anyone with an eye towards design to dig in a bit deeper and try to understand how things work. Your perspective will shift, and a new process of design thinking will emerge.

If you want to engage in a conversation around "Good Design" head over to my ideas post. There are several different tracks in the design community about what good design is, especially around Dieter Rams and his ten principles of good design.


Featured Project:


From the beginning we knew 209 was one of the few show-stoppers in a design career.

A Romantic Gin
+ Photoshop
+ San Francisco

"I feel like this is just the beginning."

What's Next?

The focus has always been twofold: keep a tech mind and teach others. The rapid growth of smart phones and the internet have catapulted interactive design to the forefront of this new tech industry. A new generation of designer are now getting started. How do they design their first app? First user community? First consumer profile? First journey map? How do we do the first… anything? We learn, and we learn by doing.

All too often we expect things to be easy. We actually depend on this as users to make quick and informed decisions, but as a designer it takes years to develop the experience to produce these interactive systems. We are constantly forced to step outside of our comfort zones and learn new things.

As the project list grows and I touch the biggest brands on the planet, I have to ask myself what's next? What is the next meaningful project that challenges me? I'm motivated to seek out the difficult, elusive, and exciting work that could make a profound difference tomorrow.

One real option is cultivating the next generation of designers. They will need new thinking to break through into a world of fast-paced agencies and a living, breathing digital landscape. Current school structure is too dated. It will continue to be this way because the tech industry far out paces educational institutions. By the time current practices and technique trickle back to the institutional bodies, they are passé. The web is the future model of everything because it is real time. If you feel the same please complete & share the following surveys…