Jason Kobs, Milwaukee based graphic designer and web designer.KOBS, the last name Kobs only has one B for me. I'm sure there are additional spellings that permit additional B's, but not the way my family has spelled it for several generations.

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A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Grabbing our tickets on the magic express for a epic time in the kingdom of wonder. So stoked, it's hard to not cry excited tears of pixie dust. We wants the redhead!

Spring '17

Training, badges, and goals. Believe it or not, everything is running smooth. Now I just need to slowdown time or get that extra day a week like we've all been asking for.

Look for big updates to SummerMorrison.com & MilwaukeeFigureDrawing.com.

I will also be launching several side projects that are focused at exploring the advanced browser features. If you're a full stack dev and don't have an intriguing project to fill your time, I have several.

Areas of Focuses