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a Priority by Jason Kobs — Posted on Feb 14, 2016


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When it comes to apps, I missed the train. Instead community chose me. My experience with community, gamification, and startups is much more developed than apps.

Everyone working in the tech industry is paying attention

The app game has moved from fad/novelty to something profound. These programs have changed our world. 7 years ago no one but the Apple team could have seen this monumental change.

First, the most played out portion of the app mindset is the allure of riches that comes with the success of titles like Candy Crush, Instagram, and Uber. Obviously these stories are real… but this shit only happens to a few people. However, most apps don't get that 'unicorn' status, providing Scrooge McDuck money to the founders. Most developers and entrepreneurs are happy just to make enough money to keep them employed without having to rely on the previous working model of corporate America. Rounds of funding, subscription based services, and product sales are very new ideas for most of the middle class now entering the space of apps. I wish you all the clarity of focus and speed to launch!

Secondly, are those of the working class that hope for a newly updated definition of work. Past definitions haven't included so the freedom and responsibility that the new tech life offers. I will speak out of turn a bit and say that it isn't just the way new workers graduating want to work. It may be the dream of generations who have been oppressed by the ridged structure of the monoliths that have lead the way for the past 100 years.

Apps have ushered in new and exciting changes to the cultural mindset. Parents and children alike have widened the audience base and have created a new demand for even more specific apps solving very very specific use cases.

Everything is relative!

More eyes bring more scrutiny

The rate of change is break neck. Each year Apple and Google release new enhancements that evolve every aspect of their products. They wear down resistance and draw more and more users into the world of smartphones and apps. This is a feat being orchestrated on a global scale, driving users of all cognitive abilities towards the complexity and confusion of learning something new. Each app, each pixel is an opportunity to change the way someone feels about themselves and how they see the world. Everyone will have a relationship with technology.

The incredible opportunity for you and me is that we are in the middle of it all. We are responsible for all of the very real connections that will create unknown complexity. Is this fun? Of course! Is this meaningful work? Absolutely.

Mobile Responsive

Although it's been on the tip of everyone’s tongue for years, the mobile web has finally gotten a makeover. Frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, and several others have really helped bring the native responsive nature of the web back. Hey, even a novice developer like me can create a modern site.

Web Apps

Building powerful, web based, device-specific applications go far beyond html, and get into what just might be the future of the web.

Native Apps

Every smartphone user has tens or hundreds of native apps. What's actually exciting for me is the future of API enhancements. Mobile gamification, video recording, and the new tvOS that will make our TVs cooler than ever before.

Next Steps…

If you have an app that is in the works and you need some design advice, let's grab a coffee or a lunch. I love talking about design. Contact Me