Jason Kobs, Milwaukee based graphic designer and web designer.KOBS, the last name Kobs only has one B for me. I'm sure there are additional spellings that permit additional B's, but not the way my family has spelled it for several generations.

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Rinse & shine campers! We didn't come this far to only come this far! A few of us have been working at night and on the weekends carving out a new trail for everyone to enjoy. Salesforce User Experience (UX) Designer Cert

In the past, I've been called a Sherpa. ;) Now, I'm a Trailblazer, building a team of new platform design consultants at Accenture Federal. After 12 years and trekking hundreds of community projects up the mountain, it was only natural that a few new trails have emerged. Sure enough, the Salesforce team noticed!

I'm proud to be recognized as a Trailblazer by the great Trailhead team and Salesforce. They are transforming business and the way the world feels about work. #HardWorkPaysOff

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I'm Hiring at Accenture Federal!!!

Federal – UI/UX Interaction Designer
Federal – UX Design Lead


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"My focus has always been on delivering maximum project value. Now I'm building a new type of design team, obsessed with design transparency, delivering most value possible, and engaging project teams! I'm honored to continue to work with great clients, building great experiences."

If your obsessed with building the best design career that effects millions of people's lives, apply to join my team at Accenture Federal.

Thank you!