Why Design?

Because there is no one right answer.

When evaluating design consider the audience. Does the audience like the styling, the approach? Are the messages and the media relevant? Let's find good before we worry about great.

What is good design?

"Like + Relevance
It's clear that good is not universal. We have to create a definition that helps to capture an array of cross-cultural perspectives."

What would I know about design?

17+ years of designing and building interactive experiences.

Look and feel is just one aspect of creating a compelling experience. Often we focus too much on the look of things, not how things function. It's easy to notice a color out of place, but I would encourage anyone with an eye towards design to dig in a bit deeper and try to understand how things work. Your perspective will shift, and a new process of design thinking will emerge.

If you want to engage in a conversation around "Good Design" head over to my ideas post. There are several different tracks in the design community about what good design is, especially around Dieter Rams and his ten principles of good design. *I do NOT agree with all 10!

Current projects...

Daily I focus on how to bring value to a wonderful list of clients who are focused on building a digital business.

(I can't list these clients here, sorry. Just know that you would know them)

The opportunity presented itself over 12 years ago. In the years since the word 'community' has expanded from forums and chat boards to online destinations that provide one-to-one and one-to-many conversations with our favorite businesses. Collaboration has become more inclusive. Product managers, developers, and CEOs are now available and a part of the conversations. Support is connected to ideation and fueling yet another engagement. The silos may still exist within your company, but not in your customer's mind. It's time to get onboard.

What's Next...


Our future is on a crash course toward epic levels of personalization that has the power to transform our lives. Cultures around the world have to reconcile the misuse and poor practices that have led us to our current climate. This change is possible. Machine-learning and artificial intelligence will have an important role to play, but we will need to see the value first. We need to actually put the users at the center of the process. Bring real-time insights to make an impact for each user everytime.