Why Drawing?

Because drawing is foundational.

Because drawing is the basis of visual art.

Why Do I Draw?

"It keeps me grounded.
The figure is a perfect subject. Ever changing and emotional.
A personal connection for a few moments between strangers. What other occasion do we let our guard down in the way that a figure model does? They bare it all in a time when we are most vain and self-conscious. That's something to be celebrated."

Why Nudes?

It's the most basic form of artistic study.

The nude walks a delicate line between art and profanity. The art, the artist, and the model all become provocateurs in a sense. Modern culture often harshly perceives any nude as either art or pornography. This misalignment in perception is a cultural one and will continue for the foreseeable future.

Location bares most of the blame. The Midwest is a hard working rural community. This pursuit of art and drawing is one that most see as a nice hobby. Transport yourself to the coasts and you would find a much more excepting community that embraces the arts as cultural epicenters. The question and answer would be more pure in these atmospheres.

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10,000 drawings, good or bad, after a while you just lose count

The goal is to lose count. If you think there is a magic number of drawings then your mind is in the wrong place.

A pile of paper and charcoal stumps will not make you a good drawer. Like any artist, my next piece will likely be something I'm proud of, it's bound to be. I've spent years getting familiar with the material and the subject.

We need to think of drawing like the practice of medicine. Tools change, skills evolve and our patience is honed.

Want to learn how to draw?

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Dive in with reckless abandon and get your hands dirty.