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I believe we are all capable of more.

I don't believe in ghosts.

I believe we will go to outerspace.

I don't believe 30 is old.

I believe we need to re-think everything.

I believe we can do more.

I believe we re-write history.

I believe in plussing.

What the heck is plusing?

I am Batman.

I believe in the web.

I believe design is important.

I don't believe in wasting time.

I believe Ice Man can be my wingman anytime.

I believe in saying THANK YOU.

I believe in using spellcheck more.

I believe Mario 64 changed my gaming life.

I believe we need to TALK HARD.

Favorite Movie!

I believe at this altitude I can run for 50 yards before my hands start shaking.

I don't believe KOBS is that hard to spell or say.

I don't believe in gender roles.

I believe Photoshop makes us feel bad about ourselves.

I believe in making a vlog.

I believe that by listening to tons of Seth Godin, he can be in my top 5.

You are the Average of 5 People

I believe you determine your own level of involvement.

I believe the truth is stranger than fiction.

I believe you can access .0000000001% of the web.

I believe you don't have to spend it, you don't have to make it.

I believe we vote with our dollars.

I believe in Rick and Morty.

Bing This!

I believe "Dark Matter" & "Dark Energy" sound intriguing.

I believe you can learn anything.

I believe the Khan Academy is the future of education.

You are the Average of 5 People

I believe we let words hurt us more than they should.

I believe I should be judged by my impact, not my appearence.

I believe hearing is more impactful then reading.

I believe pro sports are a perversion.

I believe Gary Vaynerchuk is a voice of change.

Gary talks with Stephanie Ruhle

What do you believe?

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I believe you should clear your cache and refresh again.

What do you believe? Hit me up on Twitter or Anchor

There's a time for daring and there's a time for caution, and a wise man understands which is called for.

Jules Verne

Building a Design Philosophy

When Apple released that video from their desgin team I knew I was missing something in my own, a formalized design philosophy. Something that reflects my own experience and enthusiasm for the space. It has to reflect the people that are asked to use it. Not only the majority of the external customers, but also the internal users that make it all connect. I know it has to be wholistic and simple at the same time.

For now I might just borrow and build on the sentiment in this apple video. One thing that didn't surprise me is that it made no mention of technology. Apple doesn't just try and promote cool technology. It looks for a way to enhance the experience when using their products. They then drive the technology to enable those experiences.


Probably the most revealing portion of this page...

People play a powerful roll in my world. Hopefully you know the figures above, if you don't, I could spend hours bringing you up-to-speed on the essential details.


It's a disservice not featuring Mario, but the recent open world Arkham series is truly remarkable. Grand Theft Auto and Mario 64 opened an expansive world with a linear timeline, but were still very much platform games. Building off the "climb-anything" gameplay explored by Assassin's Creed and Nolan's Batman Begins aggressive fighting cinematics, Arkham was primed for fans. Arkham invited the gamer to explore a 3D world through an array of tools, gadgets, and allies that lovers of the franchise could only dream of previously. Explore Gotham city as the world's greatest detective and live without fear as you dive off rooftops. An adrenaline ride for sure!


This is what design looks like to me. I look in the mirror and see a bearded beast, a pile of man, and an urban Sasquatch who is passionate about great work and the comfort of sweatpants. Great work doesn't stop when the 5 o'clock bell rings. Many times it takes those late night hours to mine the design goodness.

Seth Godin

Under the profile for a mad genius, Seth is the archetype. Sharp as a razor and unflinching in his drive, he will attempt to save you from a life of average. If you need a helping of truth, just type his name and hold on. I suggest listening to his videos, but beware. You might want to do crazy things after listening to him.

Objects are similar in the way they impact our lives.

These three have played active roles in my life and can spark several conversations that could last a long time.

Rubik's Cube

I've loved puzzles from early on. Rubik's cubes have fascinated me as an impossible challenge since childhood, at one time even resorting to switching the colored stickers. Now I try to leave them around my parent's/brother's houses to invite the kids to figure them out. It's a mini invitation into the world of possibilities.


Some people are addicted to smoking, gambling, and even beanie babies. Whatever your addiction, my obsession for posters is equally unhealthy, Mondo! Damn you guys.


Fanboy, I don't have the fun money to buy everything that Apple makes, but I do appreciate the thinking that is put into the design and interplay between the recent run of life-changing Apple devices. An early iMac lover, I've now transitioned into a connectivity advocate. The closed ecosystem was a negative for so long, but as the array of products increases there is a reward for those brand-fans who continually invest in the product line. Apple's products were some of the first in the world that seemed to truly talk to each other. Extra Bonus: It has also been obvious that Apple's interest in working well with Adobe will play a central part in my future career as a designer and an artist. They compliment the designer with beautiful hardware and thoughtful software.


Years Designing


Websites designed


Websites Coded

I have been fortunate enough not to chase arbitrary "highly acclaimed" awards to validate my self-worth and importance as a designer. My focus is the project. I'm honored to continue to work with great clients, building great experiences.

Thank you!

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