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I've heard the most negative feedback around the idea of me adding surveys to the website. It's obvious that there are strong emotions towards surveys, but why? The survey isn't inheritently difficult or upsetting. Actually the intentions are to do good. So what causes us to hate the word and idea of a survey? Simple, nothing happens after the survey.

A typical survey asks you to answer a lot of questions. Some are simple clicks, but many are open-text, requiring a long answer. The effort is on you and the person conducting the survey has little effort. Most importantly they rarely share the data! The insights are never shared and it is difficult to see change based on any survey you have taken.

So what if we could change that? What if I share the data with you in realtime? What if you can help edit the survey and create a better survey? What if artists could use this raw data to produce infograpics that can help all of the surveyed understand the data? What if we could all talk about it in realy time? I think if you take one of my surveys you might have a different experience.